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Who We Are

We are a close knit community of people in Burghwallis and the surrounding villages including Carcroft, Skellow, Sutton and Owston who oppose the application for an Industrial Intensive Pig Unit of 1000 pigs being built on idyllic Green Belt land next to Squirrel Wood. The proposed Pig Unit will cause material damage to the quality of life for those affected in the form of the appalling noise and smell, the light pollution and the bio-security risk for our ground and watercourses.

We are campaigning and objecting to the proposal which will be sited on the edge of our village, just 100 meters away from Squirrel Wood Scout Camp; an amenity used and enjoyed by hundreds of scouts and other community groups from all over the area. This is the ONLY SCOUT CAMP DONCASTER HAS to provide outdoor experiences for the children of South Yorkshire and beyond. It is now under SERIOUS THREAT.

We believe planning application will be rejected due to the large number of objections, however in the event of the application being granted we need financial support towards instructing a Judicial Review which will cost approximately £40,000.

Please consider the consequences of the application succeeding for yourself and generations to come and pledge your financial support.


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We have dedicated facebook page to share your concerns.

Need to know more!

Our Burghwallis Parish Council website has dedicated sections regarding the pig farm.

Register your objection

If you can spare just 3 minutes, then you can make a difference. Go to the website address detailed below and follow the steps.

  1. Go to http://planning.doncaster.gov.uk/online-applications/
  2. Use the search bar and enter 19/02979/FUL
  3. Look for the tab/button 'Make A Public Comment' At this stage the form becomes self explanatory.

News & Events

We have, and continue to organise various events to communicate our concerns regarding this intensive pig farm.

  • Friends of Squirrel Wood
    05 July 2018

  • Stop The Pig Farm Meeting
    10 July 2018

No Upcoming Events

Help stop the intensive industrial pig unit

Our Volunteers

Volunteer Spotlight

Meet Tina,

I have lived in Burghwallis over 10 years & I am very concerned over the proposed industrial 1000 pig unit and how it could devastate our beautiful village. For the well-being of the residents, Please volunteer to help us stop the pig farm.


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Don't just stand by and let our beautiful village be destroyed by a polluting pig farm.
Put your hand up, be counted, the village depends on it.

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